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Sitting back reflecting on the state of National and World affairs, I could not stop thinking of the famous quote from US Vice President Thomas Marshall. VP Marshall, after hearing various speeches in the Senate about the problems facing the Nation, Kansas Senator Joseph Bristow had been making a long-winded speech with the repeated refrain “What this country needs—” causing the Vice President to lean over and whisper to one of the Senate clerks: “Bristow hasn’t hit it yet. What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar.” V.P Marshall was right about that in 1917, 100 years ago, and he would right saying it today.

I want to celebrate this New Year that marks our 35th Anniversary in the Cigar World with a 5-Cent Cigar Offer. My philosophy and commitment for the past 3 1/2 decades was to create what I call “Affordable Luxury” and in doing so, I totally agree with Thomas Marshall that we need in our challenged world environment, more than ever…. a great cigar at a fair price.

The Marshall 5-Cent Cigar Sale

Buy One DM Cigar and get the second DM Cigar for 5 cents.

Buy One 10 count box of DM Cigars and get the second box of 10 DM Cigars for 50 cents .

We will enter everyone that takes advantage of this offer and likes our Social Media Platforms, into our latest contest to win a $1000 Daniel Marshall Humidor.

Please email us with questions and click here for a DM point of sale or On-Line Dealer.

Limited time offer. 10 count box sales limited to one box per customer. Thank you.

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