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Daniel Marshall’s “Cash for Clunkers” Limited-Time Offer

For a limited time, Daniel Marshall is offering the opportunity for cigar lovers to upgrade their humidor to a Daniel Marshall humidor, considered by many to be the “Rolls-Royce” of humidors and rated the No. 1 humidor in the world — “A” by Cigar Aficionado magazine.

Video of a few of the “Clunkers” we have received:

Inspired by the very popular nationwide program, “Cash for Clunkers,” where people are able to trade in their used cars in exchange for a cash voucher to apply toward the purchase of a new car, Daniel Marshall is offering a similar program for cigar luminaries interested in trading in their “clunker” humidor for a new Daniel Marshall humidor.

Every year we hear from cigar lovers, “How I would love to trade up and get a Daniel Marshall.” By popular demand, we are offering this rare chance for you to own a Daniel Marshall humidor that will become a most cherished heirloom as well as keep your cigars in optimal condition with a lifetime guarantee.

Trade in any desktop-sized humidor and receive a $100 voucher that can be redeemed for one of three humidors, listed below.

Each humidor will have the Daniel Marshall nameplate on the keyhole and inside the humidor.

Here are a few of the emails we have received:

“Help me Daniel Marshall, you’re my only hope! I recently purchased what I thought was a Made in America humidor to be greatly disappointed! And guess what, it won’t maintain a constant temp/humidity. I’m sure you’re just as surprised as I am! So, hopefully, I’m not too late to humbly participate in the cash for clunkers!! “- Very Respectfully, Shannon O’C

“I am in Louisville, Kentucky. I have NUMEROUS old humidors I’ve collected through the years, and I LOVE your humidors. Could you let me know what my options would be to possibly take advantage of your program? Thank you kindly. ” – Janet Garnett (Age 61 )

“I would like to trade in my old humidor that I struggle with and trade up for a Daniel Marshall humidor I can pass down for generations. Thank you.” – Kurt Evans

“Please send me the shipping label so I can trade in my humidor for one of your masterpieces. I am interested in ITEM# 60010.3” –
Nathan Lafionatis

“I noticed that you have a Cash for Clunkers ongoing in the United States allowing interested parties to trade in their crappy old humidors for a discount on their first Daniel Marshal humidor. However, I am currently located in Singapore. Would I still be eligible for an upgrade to your humidors if I send my current humidor over to you from Singapore? Cheers”,- Sean

“I received the humidor yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! Also greatly appreciate the goodies included. DM for life! Thanks and a pleasure during business with you.” – Larry Arrington

“Please send me a UPS label to return my humidor “Clunker” to you. I would finally like to purchase a humidor from you. If you have any questions or if I need to order first I’d be happy to provide credit card information”  – Mr. Evangelos

“I saw the cash for clunker box my dad got. I want one!” – Mr. Evangelos’s Son

“Thank you for crafting amazing tasty jewels!, turning in my Clunker” – Mr. Durham

“I will be buying this DM humidor as a retiring gift to myself from my wife and sending in my clunker.” – Mr. Davis

“I received my humidor this evening, and it is resting/seasoning.  I am totally pleased with the humidor, and the defect on the lid can only be seen using a flashlight with glancing light.   Not only did you send a try, but you also included a hygrometer.   The smell of the Spanish cedar is just out of this world and quite different than that in the two cheaper humidors I have.  I am sure I will enjoy the humidor for many years to come. Thanks for your spectacular customer service.” – Larry Baldwin

“Hello, I just sent you an email, as I would love to participate in this program. I have a cheap desktop humidor I would love to get rid of, and would be so grateful to be able to upgrade to the Ambiante Matte Black 65.” – Mr. Bernet

“Your product is highly recommended and I’m interested in becoming a new customer. I’d like to take advantage of your credit for returning an old humidor for one of your products. It’s not clear to me if I need to wait for a credit from you to make my purchase on your site, or how to proceed.” – David Throldahl

“Trying to buy a affordable humidor you were recommended by a Friend of mine. That you are the best in the business.” – Mr. Hern

“I would like to order a SIGNATURE SERIES 125 CIGAR HUMIDOR IN BURL through the cash for clunkers offer. My wife got me a small humidor and she tried to season it but ended up growing mold in one of the corners. I would like to send that one in for the $100 voucher if this offer is still available. Thank you for your time and the beautiful cigar products.” – Rob Arbagey

“I have a very poor humidor can I trade it in for the quality humidor I need? I am interested in the 65 cigar #20125”– Trace Stephens

“I have a 50 count Ashton I’d like to trade for either of the humidors listed above” – Matt Scott

“It has been my dream to own one of your fantastic humidors for quite some time. Unfortunately, my attempts at buying other brands have resulted in me getting substandard equipment. I am interested in taking advantage of this wonderful program. I would like to send in one of my humidors in exchange for the $100 voucher. Specifically, I am interested in buying item #20125 the Ambiente. Hopefully this deal is still available. Thank you guys so much for doing this.- Lees Clinton

“I would like to place an order for a humidor and receive a shipping label to participate in The Cash for Clunkers humidor program. I’m a college student working towards my degree in engineering and I’m going into my senior year. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a Daniel Marshall humidor for quite some time now, but it was never in my budget. This would be a perfect way to give myself an early graduation present and have a humidor that actually holds humidity and protects my cigars. I would like to order item# 20125. Thank you, – Joshua Worthing

Please visit our shop for humidor selection and to place your order for  your new DM Humidor.

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