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The Daniel Marshall Red Label Cigar

Since 1982 Daniel Marshall has been synonymous with excellent craftsmanship and excellence and has now teamed up with cigar legends Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia to create the Daniel Marshall Red Label cigar.

The Daniel Marshall Red Label cigar combines the finest quality, 5 year aged tobaccos from two of Nicaragua’s premier growing regions Esteli and the Jalapa Valley. All wrapped in a super-premium Colorado wrapper making the Daniel Marshall Red a medium to full bodied cigar that delivers an elegant smoke with notes of rich chocolate, espresso and cinnamon.

Not only does Daniel Marshall start with tobaccos that are aged 5 years but then, after the cigars are boxed, they are aged an additional 12 months to ensure that each cigar is as smooth and flavorful as the last one.

The Red Label cigar has been rated Outstanding “92” Rating in Cigar Aficionado and “91” Rated in Cigar Journal.

The Daniel Marshall Red Label cigar, born with a rich Nicaraguan history and brought to life in the United States with an eye towards perfection.

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